First day of school

Here we go…summer is over and we had our first day of school! Louise is in Moyenne Section (MS), and Celine is in Toute Petite Section (TPS). They are the equivalent of Pre-K and Two’s. Of course we had to get a few cute photos before we headed off to school.

I didn’t really nab any photos at school, mainly because Celine got a little upset when I left. They took a picture of Louise though!

I picked Celine up around 3:20, but Louise had Circus class (with three of her classmates from last year) until 5pm. So Celine and I went to the grocery store and ate some ice cream. She requested vanilla.

Celine’s teachers said she did well and did not cry, although she did not take a nap. We knew Louise would be ok but she got in the car and started chattering away, telling me all of the friends she saw during class, recess, and circus. She knows her French teacher from summer camp as well so I think she’s already set. I’m so excited to have both girls at the same school this year!

Mozzarella making

I was doing research a couple of weeks ago on something Michael and I could do for our anniversary (it’s in two months but, you know…I’m a planner), and I came across an article that had “8 fun dates to do in Dallas.” I realized we could branch out a bit in our husband-and-wife time and maybe do some unique things. The first one that stuck out to me was mozzarella making! I mentioned it to Michael and he immediately started making jokes about “a-makin’ the mozzarell,” so I figured he was on board. I reserved a time and off we went today to Deep Ellum to make some mozzarella.

It started off with an introduction from the woman who started Mozzarella Company, Paula, along with a tour and some fun facts about cheese.

We started out by making ricotta, which is basically milk and lemon juice. Mike was one of the burly, strong men recruited to help carry the milk.

We juiced some lemons and poured it into the boiling milk, and…voila, ricotta!

We scooped the ricotta out and had a taste.

Then it was mozzarella making time!

We ended the experience with a cheese tasting of the other wines they make, with wine. We also got to leave with the mozzarella, ricotta, and two other cheeses we made.  All in all it was a really fun and different experience!

Summer = crazy

This summer turned out to be quite the busy little thing for Michael and me! It all started with us both getting new jobs, which definitely added stress, mainly because we had new schedules to figure out and work trips to take. We also had two family trips planned, one with the Haydels and one with the Fausaks. Finally, we had to coordinate Louise’s schedule for when her school’s summer camp was not open. Overall it’s been pretty exhausting!

The first four weeks of summer (except for our trip to New Orleans and Pensacola), Louise was in summer camp at DIS. She enjoyed it and recognized many teachers and friends.

For the last month before school started again, we pieced together a schedule for Louise. One week she went to New Orleans to stay with Grammy and Grumps, one week we were in Massachusetts with my family, one week she took a ballet camp (Frozen themed of course), and one week my mom watched her. It was an undertaking for everyone and we are so thankful that we have such a strong support system around us.

In New Orleans she took a tennis camp and came back very proud of her skills. We had a tennis ball and beach racket while in Scituate and she frequently asked us to throw the ball so she could hit it. I have to admit…her stance and hand placement were pretty good!

Louise definitely enjoyed being at the beach in Massachusetts with everyone, particularly cousin Elliot. They spent the majority of the time together, with Celine tagging along as the third wheel.

Then it was time for the Frozen-themed ballet camp! I was worried Louise would rebel because it was a new and unknown thing, but she was such a champ. I think the leotards I bought for her helped!

Finally, she spent a week under the watchful eye of Grandma. She spent the night at my parent’s house on Monday AND Thursday night, so it was really a nice little breather for Michael and me (and Celine)!

It was a crazy fun summer but we’re happy to get back to a regular schedule!

Celine: 2.5

Celine is all about dresses now. I try to dress her in t-shirts and cotton shorts for day care, but recently she’s been asking for a “pretty dress” every morning. Sometimes I can convince her that a shirt is a dress and that it’s just short and needs some pants under it, but usually she specifically requests her “ice cream dress” or a pink dress. My girls have both become so girly!DSC_0381

Celine is in a real mommy phase right now. At first I thought it was annoying since she is ALWAYS asking for me and crawling all over me, but at lunch the other day, Michael said “see, being the favorite is not all bad.” He’s a bit jealous of all the attention I get! He’s right though. She’s such a cutie and it’s fun to have her around for snuggles.DSC_0376

She is getting older and now able to defend herself a little better against Louise. Unfortunately that means they end up taking turns hitting each other until either Michael or I gets eyes on them and then they both play victim.DSC_0372

Louise 4.3

This summer has been a lot of juggling of schedules because Louise isn’t in school. I finally saw a little bit of a difference with her while we were in Massachusetts in terms of her attitude – she’s been a little sassier and definitely is having problems listening and doing what we say. I honestly chalk that up mostly to the lack of structure…and also that she’s getting older and a little harder to “control.” We can still distract Celine and essentially trick her into doing things, but Louise is a smart cookie and wants to assert herself. I think it’s ok, but she also has to come to terms with the consequences!

She’s basically in all size 5 stuff mainly because of her height. She more or less dresses herself every day now and always picks out dresses to wear. If I get in there before she wakes up I can pick out a t-shirt and shorts, but honestly I’m just glad her dresses are being worn before she grows out of them. She currently has two favorite dresses: The snoball dress, and a stars and stripes dress I bought for the girls at Target for the Fourth of July. I think she likes them both because Celine has them too, so they can match. With that in mind, both of the dresses I bought for her during the Tea Collection sale I bought for Celine too! I’m not opposed to matching girls at all!

She’s been doing so well with the inconsistencies of summer. We’ve had her in two different camps, in New Orleans by herself, etc. and she’s adjusting very well to all of the changes. I have a feeling though that she’ll be very happy to get back into the school schedule and see all of her friends!

She and Celine are playing together even more, although Louise can be a little rough with her and definitely tries to bully Celine into doing what she wants. Every time I see Celine holding something and I see Louise look over, I immediately know Louise is going to run over and snatch it.

Massachusetts, part II: Scituate

After our brief stint in Boston, we headed out to the coast. My parents found a beach house to rent in a town called Scituate, which is pronounced “sitch-ew-it.” It’s not in Cape Cod technically but it is such an adorable New England beach town, and from the feel of it, isn’t a major tourist destination. It seemed like everyone knew everybody else.

I FORGOT TO MENTION in the Boston post that Michael pulled his back literally as we were getting in our car to go to the airport, and he also developed an ear infection on the flight to Boston. So he was feeling pretty miserable for most of the trip and I was also stressed out considering I was down one able parent!

We got to the house early Sunday afternoon and unloaded, then started hanging out with cousin Elliot. We walked to the lighthouse, did some coloring, and roughhoused a bit.

Monday we attempted to fill the day with activities for the kids. First we jumped on the bed.

Then we had some beach time.

Celine would run back and forth on the deck and then stop and say she was going to stretch. She’d then pull out pretty sweet stretching moves.

That night Michael made gumbo and we hung out with everyone. The next day, Tuesday, was another one full of kid-friendly activities.

Like painting.

And playgrounding.

And dairy farming.

We got dressed for dinner and tried to take a family photo in front of the beautiful background.

I had to get a pic of the redheads!

Then we gathered everyone – Taylor and Hillary were there now, as were the Grandparents Fausak – and had a delicious dinner at what is allegedly the oldest restaurant in North America, Barker Tavern. It had beautiful landscaping in the front so we tried to get pics with the kids…Celine is never super interested in pictures.

Celine had a very interesting way of eating her linguine that consisted of stretching it out across her face, chomping down on the middle, and then folding it in and stuffing it in her mouth.

Wednesday we did some beach things and also spent the afternoon in Providence at Liz and Katie’s house. I was glad to finally see where they lived!

We had a good night hanging with the siblings but it made for a rough morning!

Thursday was our last day in Scituate. Our flight wasn’t until 6pm so we had a nice, full morning at the beach. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it was nice and warm.

Then we packed up, drove back to Boston, and headed home. Katie bought Celine a penguin because Celine was quite obsessed with Elliot’s panda bear, and just like that, a love affair was born.