Louise’s kindergarten graduation

We have ourselves a graduate!img_3425

…of kindergarten!img_3427

I think a lot of schools have kinder graduations, but the girls’ school separates “Maternelle” (all the Pre-K’s up and through Kindergarten) from “Primary” (1st-4th grade), so they have a graduation for all of the kids headed up to first grade in the fall. It was a full ceremony with commencement speeches, songs in multiple languages, etc. and it was super cute. Louise was so proud and so were we!!

First things first: I curled Louise’s hair in preparation. Her hair is so slippery that even with a ton of hairspray, it didn’t last.img_3385

Class of 2030 graduates!img_3389img_3430img_3402

Grandma came to celebrate as well.img_3426

And we snagged a pic with the bff. Louise gave us puppy dog eyes and whispered, “did you bring me flowers too?” #parentingfailimg_3428

It was the last day of school, so following the ceremony we picked up little sis and headed to lunch. Proud of my newly minted Pre-K and 1st graders!img_3414


Memorial Day at Lost Pines (2018)

Once again, we traveled down to Austin for a fun long weekend at Lost Pines. It was a bit of a tight timeline for me as we left Saturday morning and I flew back from my London trip the evening prior, but we had a fantastic time. We also saw four separate families/ex-coworkers we knew. Popular place!

We went with our friends the Courets, which was fabulous because Louise and Pierre get along like a house on fire.img_3186

We mainly hung by or in the pool for the majority of the weekend.img_3190img_3223img_3251img_3238img_3242

…wait. Is that Mike in a tank top?img_3235

We also participated in various events around the grounds, like hanging out with the Longhorns, touring the Butterfly and Hummingbird gardens, and making s’mores.img_3216img_3211img_3244img_3246img_3321img_3322img_3255img_3277img_3279

Louise and Pierre were taking turns jumping over each other.img_3280img_3281

And of course, some “down time” in our hotel room!img_3200img_3198img_3282img_3287img_3289

As always, Lost Pines did not disappoint!img_3208

London work trip

My company recently went through a reorganization and globalized our brand group, which is why I’ve been traveling a bit more internationally lately. My most recent trip was to London with the entire brand team. It was crazy fun and literally nonstop from the moment I woke up every day to the moment I crashed every night.

This is my global media team, representing Dallas, London, Hong Kong, and Sao Paulo. We’re pretty amazing.img_3141

We had a group outing on Tuesday night that was pizza making and karaoke. It was fun and also questionable!img_3148img_3149img_3173

There were many meetings, lunches, dinners, and after-dinner drinks, but I took zero pictures of that. I did take a pic of my delicious glass of champagne in the Cathay Pacific first-class lounge before my flight back to Dallas because #fancy.img_3182

Kitchen knob upgrade

Along with  the guest bathroom update, we made a little change to our kitchen as well. I’ve been wanting some kind of upgrade to our kitchen knobs but was being really indecisive in what I wanted. I liked the low profile our wooden knobs provided so dark colors were out, and I didn’t think a more modern handle and/or knob would fit with the style of our house. My sister in law mentioned the option of unlacquered brass, which really caught my eye when I investigated. I bought a few knobs and aged them with brass ager to see if they would work and both Mike and I liked the look. So we went for it!

First I had to age 52 knobs. You can see how they came – super bright and smooth – and what they look like after I dipped them in the brass ager for about ten seconds (very dark). Finally, I passed over them with some steel wool to get the final product.img_2993img_2995img_2994

We screwed them in to our cabinets and stood back to admire our work.img_3021img_3019

I think it elevates our kitchen a bit without going crazy. Another house update: check!

Louise’s circus recital

Once again, Louise had a circus recital where she killed it!

She had a rehearsal a few days prior. You can see she was excited with her performance.img_3016

Saturday rolled around and we showed up a bit early for hair and makeup.img_3073img_3075img_3077

There was some down time where Louise hung out with her friends.img_3082img_3080

Then it was time to go! Louise was so confident and did a great job. It was so wonderful to see her in her element. She pushed her way to the front to pose (“style”) at the end which was pretty funny.img_3095img_3099

After the show, she rolled out to receive praise, accolades, and flowers from her family.img_3118img_3115img_3105

Her little sister was a little jealous of all the attention…img_3107img_3101

…until Louise offered her the tutu. Things got better from there!img_3119img_3127

Louise changed out of her costume, did a little styling on the stage, and then we headed out for a celebratory (early) dinner!img_3129img_3130

Summer goals

There are a lot of things I need to do that I’ve been putting off, so I’m throwing them together in a list that needs to be checked off by the end of the summer. They are:

  • Donate/sell/trash remaining baby items in our garage. We have so much…
  • Do a clothing audit for the girls. Mainly Celine…there are a lot of 3T clothes I need to sift through and give away. Sometimes I question the types of clothing I keep – grimy Carter’s t-shirts or threadbare pajamas? No.
  • Start and complete Celine’s 4 year book. I haven’t even started, y’all. I am SO BEHIND.
  • Get new windows installed and put shutters on them.
  • Do my yearly filing, where I go through and organize all of the official mail we received over the past year. I always tend to find something I thought a company forgot to send me.
  • Organize and declutter the girls’ toys. We’re phasing out of quite a few genres of toys, and we have lots of partial pieces, broken parts, etc. I did some work last year to organize their various toy closets but I need to go through it again. For example, we have had a sharp increase in craft materials, so I think I need a separate file cabinet for those in addition to the regular art storage. We also need to get rid of the grimy or outdated toys in the garage – water tables and the like.