Pumpkin carving party

Ever since we started getting together for play dates last year, the group of moms from Louise’s PS class hang out every once in a while. We talked a while back about having a pumpkin carving party and I offered up our house.

I didn’t want to go overboard with any crafts, but had an idea to make a big pumpkin with paper flowers. It turned into a boondoggle of a craft – I had to make way more flowers than anticipated, and my fingers were raw from bending floral wire and burned from using the glue gun. Even with all of that, however, I think it turned out pretty nice!

Nietzsche helped.

I also made a Honeycrisp apple sangria that was pretty delicious.

Everyone came over around 3pm and we chatted for about an hour while the kids literally tore through the house screaming.

Once we decided they could use a break from the insanity, we herded them outside to carve pumpkins. I had bought some stick-on foam faces in case people didn’t want to go whole-hog on the carving, and most everyone opted for the stickers.

About three minutes after I took this picture, Louise said her tummy hurt and wanted to go inside and lay down on the couch.

We thought she was maybe just overheated or ate too much candy. As a few of the moms were chatting at our kitchen counter, we heard a sound like water splashing on the ground. I turned around and Louise had vomited.ūüė¶ I cleaned her up while Mike cleaned up the floor, and she resumed laying on the couch. Luckily her friends were very concerned and kept coming by to check on her.

We took a few pictures with the pumpkins (Louise absent due to the vomiting), and then her friends gathered around her for a pic.

I had provided lights for the jack-o-lanterns, but since only one person actually carved a pumpkin there was no need. Now I need to figure out how to use the lights…

It was a fun get together, other than the vomiting! (Mike and I both got sick that night as well…c’est la vie).

Celine’s first haircut

For a while now, Celine’s hair has been seriously scraggly and mullet-adjacent. I haven’t gotten it cut because I was naively thinking it would grow out and look better, but nope.

Luckily, our friend is a hairdresser and we popped by her house Saturday morning for a new ‘do. Tiffany cut it into the cutest little bob. When I saw it I couldn’t stop smiling. It is night and day from her scraggle-do!

Even when she gets hot and sweaty it still has a cute shape. I love it!

Celine: 2.7

Pre-haircut, but still a cutie pie.

Not much has changed…still a chatterbox!

She’s still sassy as well. She’s started stalling in the morning when we get in the car – she’ll get in, but then hang out in the middle between the car seats and refuse to get in her car seat. She’ll buck around if I try to put her in the seat myself…so yeah, it’s pretty fun in the morning. Of course the moment she’s in the car seat, she’s as happy as a clam.

Pumpkin pics, part non-meltdown

When Michael’s parents were in town this past weekend, we decided to try going to the pumpkins at the Arboretum again. Luckily this time everyone’s temperament was much better. The pictures still weren’t great – Louise always over-cheeses and Celine is consistently uninterested in smiling for the camera – but happy that we could spend a little more time there!

Celine desperately needs a haircut.pumpkins-1

I asked Louise if she wanted to take a picture with Grammy and Grumps and she immediately found a pumpkin and positioned herself for a picture. It was tough for them to get around to her but I was impressed with her professionalism.pumpkins-2

Both girls REALLY liked standing on top of a hay bale and shaking their booties. Hmm…pumpkins-3

…and then they made these faces, so we decided to head over to the Children’s Museum!

Louise: 4.5


Well…to be honest, she has not been the best this month. She ran away while we were at the park one weekend – only back to our house, but it was still terrifying and I had to have the “stranger talk” with her afterward. She also has been having trouble expressing her emotions – which is a nice way of saying she’s been screaming, throwing, and hitting a lot more recently. I was pulled aside at her school a couple of weeks ago and informed that she had slapped another girl across the face, twice, when the girl declined to play with her during recess. That was…not great to hear. I called Michael on the ride home, crying (yes, I’m a drama queen), and to make me feel better he told me he “beat kids up” in Pre-K and had to have a reward chart just for him at his school just to keep him from fighting. So I guess we know where she gets it from!


We had a play date with a few of her DIS friends a week after and I brought up her hitting. I was reassured that all of the kids are in a phase where their frustrations are difficult to manage. They are also operating at Real Housewives-levels of drama. Each day has shifts in friendships and alliances.


Other than that, she’s been pretty good!


Pumpkin pics with a side of meltdown

Along with the rest of Dallas, we decided to hit up the pumpkins at the Arboretum this past Saturday morning. The weather was pretty nice and we thought the girls would like it. Originally the Thurmans were going to join but they got it with a stomach bug the night before and had to bail.

I’m kind of glad they didn’t join because it was a doomed trip from the start. Celine had a couple of meltdowns before we even got there; first because she did not want to wear the outfit I picked out (luckily the dress she chose, while insanely short, was still thematically appropriate), and second for some reason I can’t even remember, but it was in the car. Louise also got upset because she wanted to wear her purple Native shoes instead of her black and gold booties. It was a pick-your-battles moment so we went with the purple shoes.

We made it inside the Arboretum with minimal crying, although Louise was upset she couldn’t bring her scooter in. We rolled them in our wagon to the pumpkins and they happily started roaming around. I tried to snap some photos but they weren’t really interested in posing.


After about 10 minutes of pumpkin-ing, the girls decided they were hungry. We are veteran parents so of course we brought snacks. Mike handed Louise apple slices and Celine crackers…and this is where things really went downhill. Celine was unwilling to share the¬†crackers, and that sent Louise into a tailspin. After trying to troubleshoot, Mike and I looked at each other and realized it was an unsalvageable situation. We started walking toward the exit…which further distressed Louise, and she started wailing “I don’t want to leave!!” We somehow managed to get them both in the car and started our trip home. Louise continued to throw her fit while Celine threw her water bottle on the ground and then cried about throwing her water bottle on the ground…repeatedly. Finally I kept her water bottle up front and that caused HER to also have a nuclear-grade meltdown. At one point Mike joked, “shouldn’t these cars come with partitions like limos?”

Somehow, we made it home, and the girls recovered. They were good the rest of the day while Mike and I tried to unwind from the insanity of the morning.

Louise’s big girl room update

There were a couple of things I have been wanting to update/adjust in Louise’s room, and finally did them. So here we are!

First, I framed the Britt Bass prints. At first I ordered frames I thought held 8×10’s matted, but they were really 8×10 frames that held 5×7 matted images. I was bummed and did not like the way the prints looked without matting, so I finally sucked it up and re-ordered frames that were 11×14 with 8×10 matting. I think it was worth it!

I also transformed her book nook into a dress-up corner. We moved the book nook to Celine’s room and put the dress-up rotating stand Grandma and Papa got her for Christmas in that corner, and used the bar I had a quilt hanging from to hang her favorite princess dresses. Since she has a bookcase on the other side of her room, removing the book nook didn’t reduce her reading!

Finally, I put a pinboard above her dresser. There wasn’t really anything going on there and I’d been just throwing her school stuff in a drawer in the living room, so I thought it would be nice to highlight a few things she’s been working on.

Her room is aaaaalmost done. I have just a few things I’d like to add¬†before moving on to putting together Celine’s big girl room:

  • Put box springs under her mattress. I left that part out intentionally to keep the bed low to the ground, but now that she’s comfortable with the setup I’m going to prop it up a bit.
  • Move our mirrored nightstands to her room. They have turquoise knobs and go with the overall vibe of her room.
  • Get a couple of sheepskin rugs for the sides of her bed.