Easter weekend

After a few days home with the girls during their spring break, we had a busy but wonderful Easter weekend. Usually the weather the day before Easter is fantastic and then Easter isn’t great, but luckily the weather held the entire weekend.

Some of my friends and I were trying to get together on Friday, but it didn’t end up working out. I mentioned that it would be nice to have a crawfish boil on Saturday, and like magic, we all coordinated and put together a wonderful day of friends, family, food, and swimming.

Sunday was Easter! The girls didn’t wake up quite as early as last year, but Celine did pop into our room at 5:30am to announce the day. We told her to go back to sleep…I don’t think she actually slept, but she did go back in her room until 7am. Then it was time to check out the baskets and have our egg hunt!img_6637img_6638img_6640img_6641img_6647img_6644

After relaxing for a bit, we headed over to our friends the Courets for their annual Easter party.img_6651img_6654img_6684img_6689img_6678img_6690img_6692

Another egg hunt!img_6675img_6670img_6660img_6663img_6667

A fun Easter with good friends…and lots of sugar. Poor Celine had a meltdown both Monday morning and evening from exhaustion/too much sugar over the weekend.


Dallas Art Fair

Our super cool friend Chris Thurman owns a gallery called Sputnik Modern, specializing in midcentury modern furniture and decor. He was invited to be the only gallery to exhibit at the Dallas Art Fair this year, and he invited Mike and I to come to the opening night to check it out.

It was a really fun and interesting evening, seeing all different kinds of art and spending time with “work” Chris. 🙂 Plus, we learned the champagne they were serving (for free) they charged $45 a glass for the rest of the weekend!! Living that fancy life.img_6519img_6525img_6516img_6534img_6540img_6528img_6533

Celebrating Lauren part FOREVER

Following Lauren’s bachelorette party, we got to celebrate her a couple more times before her wedding. First up was the couples shower…it was raining outside but super fun inside!img_590497c21c3a-740d-4542-8345-e7659952734b

Us girls threw LJ a bridal shower and, as usual, divided and conquered the decor, food, and activities.


And before we knew it…our Lauren was getting married and becoming one of the “married friends”! I was worried about the weather, but it cleared up just in time for a lovely ceremony and fun reception at Whiskey Ranch.img_6444img_6441img_3191img_7924img_6458img_6445bbd8741d-e49e-4edf-994e-e4baa73ca50dimg_6462

Love you Mrs. Allender!

Night Owls at the Arboretum

While Mike was out of town at my brother’s bachelor party, I looked for activities I could do with the girls. Something that popped up on my “what to do with kids this weekend in Dallas” google search is something the Arboretum does at night, called Night Owls. They have a program where kids can spend the night at the Arboretum, and this offered the same types of activities – just without the actual overnight part. One link told me it was sold out, but when I navigated directly to the Arboretum website I could sign us up. Even though it was a bit chilly that evening, I was excited!

Our friends the Thurmans joined us and we headed over around 6pm. As I parked, I noticed our friends were the only other car in the parking lot. I assumed Night Owls was for multiple children so I was a bit confused. When we were met by our host for the evening, she explained that most people saw the same “sold out” page I first encountered (which was a glitch), so we were the only two families at the Arboretum that evening! We weren’t expecting a private tour of the Children’s Garden plus fun crafts but by golly, we were going to take advantage of it.img_6358img_6354-1

It was definitely a unique experience to have the Children’s Garden all to ourselves, with a guide explaining things and giving us fun activities to do. We could spend as much time as we wanted in certain areas and skip others if we wanted.img_6362img_6360img_6367img_636957568764910__5a9a516e-d9a9-43aa-85fd-ef1ed672c8d6img_6371

Once the sun went down, the flashlights came out.img_6377img_6375


The kids really enjoyed it and (other than not being allowed to bring alcohol inside) the grownups did too! Louise slept with her journal she made so I’d call that a success.img_6390


I drove to Austin to attend SXSW for work a couple of weeks ago. It was exhausting but invigorating and fun! Rusty and I spent Friday night together, I got to meet Nelly after his concert, and I had a lot of delicious lunches and dinners with work people and friends. All in all, it was a good four days.img_6145Saddest part of the trip: learning The Library is no longer a cool place. RIP college hangout.img_6146img_6168img_6174c939ae69-4029-4e62-8443-2b5fe4c0b65eimg_6194

Celine turns 5!

Anyone who’s been around Celine recently knows that she is 100%, completely, wholly obsessed with Ariel. However when I asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted, she said “Elena of Avalor” and stuck with it. *insert shrug emoji*

This year, Celine’s birthday fell on a Saturday, so we got to throw her a birthday party on her actual birthday! She was pleased with the setup and, although she face-planted within two minutes of getting to the park (hence the chin Band-Aid), she had a wonderful time playing at the park with her friends.

It was a little windy so I immediately lost the two big round balloons I had to guide everyone to the pavilion. Turns out people figured it out =)img_6233Mike decided last minute that we needed coffee for the grown-ups, which turned out to be a clutch decision in the chilly morning weather.img_6234img_6259

Elena showed up and spent the first part of the party just hanging out with the kids on the playground. She was a hit, let me tell you. I had more than one parent not associated with our party sidle up to me and ask for her information.img_6236img_6235Celine would go up to her and grab her hand, leading her around. She really enjoyed having a princess playmate on the playground!img_6262img_0332

While the kids played, Elena painted faces of those interested, then guided everyone in a dance party. Kids kind of flitted in and out of the dancing portion but Celine was ALL IN for the whole time.img_6240img_6252img_6254img_6250

Then we sang happy birthday, ate some bundt cakes, and called the party a success. Celine couldn’t stop talking about Elena and asked more than once if she was “watching us.” No, Celine…Elena isn’t Santa.img_6272img_6264img_6243

Celine asked for Ariel presents and wore them/kept them close for the entire weekend, including wearing the nightgown for three nights in a row. Love this sweet girl…can’t believe she’s 5!img_6269img_6278img_6274img_6282