X Games

This past weekend, Michael and I had the awesome opportunity to go to the Winter X Games in Aspen. We were super pumped!

One of the best parts of the trip was that there is a direct DFW-Aspen flight, which shaves half of a day off of driving from the Denver airport. It was a tiny little plane – only 23 rows of seats – but we’ll take it.img_1635img_1637

We arrived on Thursday afternoon and breathed in that mountain air.img_1639

After collecting our luggage, we headed to the St Regis to check in and get our X Games badges. Not bad accommodations, I must say.img_2170Then we headed downstairs for the welcome reception.img_1640-1

We called it an early night. We thought we’d get great sleep, but we didn’t realize we had a humidifier in our room so it was super dry!

The next day we woke up to beautiful snowfall…and altitude-related headaches! Mike took some Excedrin and slept it off while I worked a bit.img_1645img_1652-1

Once we felt better, we headed out to the X Games to see what it was about.img_1665img_1655img_1669img_1675

We got a tour of the grounds which was really interesting…except to get to the top, we had to ride in a cage tacked on the back of a snowcat. Safe?img_1681img_1683

Just a casual ski down…img_1697img_1698Our tour guide told us he was great at taking a ‘gram-worthy photo so we let him work his magic…which continued at the bottom of the mountain in front of the half pipe.img_1715img_1118-1img_1120img_1716

We headed back to the hotel in the late afternoon and changed to get ready for dinner. I took zero pictures but we went to Aspen Kitchen which was delicious!

The next morning we headed to the spa for massages and a round at the oxygen bar. As you can imagine, the spa at the St Regis was pretty swank. Feeling refreshed, we headed back to the X Games for lunch and some games watching.img_1719

We took a short break back at the hotel before heading back for the evening for dinner, a couple of concerts – Method Man/Redman and LCD Soundsystem – and some sweet halfpipe action.img_1722img_1724img_1725

Between my frequent bathroom breaks and selfies, I lost my gloves. Small price to pay.img_1737img_1727img_1729

Sunday morning we peeled ourselves out of bed and had brunch before heading to the airport. Mike took the leisurely direct flight back to Dallas while I took a puddle jumper to Denver to spend a few days in Boulder for work.

If only we could live like that every weekend! It was amazing and we’re so grateful to our parents (Mike’s came in to watch the girls over the weekend) to be super babysitters while we were living the high life.



Last week, my coworker and I traveled to my favorite city, Las Vegas (sarcasm) to attend CES. I was skeptical that the conference would be helpful and relevant to my day-to-day job, but I was pleasantly surprised. Plus all of our partners were there so we got quality face time with them.

We jumped right in on Wednesday once we arrived with a working lunch and then a guided tour of the conference grounds. And look who we ran into…my amazing former boss!img_1515

The tour was super interesting, although Jordan and I were more interested in the machines that washed, dried, and folded laundry than the drones or electric cars.img_1519img_1521

These are all TVs. If anything, the conference confirmed that I want a new OLED TV. Maybe the 8k one? It’s only $20,000+…img_1518

This is a robot playing tennis with a person. Spoiler alert: the robot always won.img_1524

It was kind of hard to capture in a photo (didn’t stop everyone from trying), but these were holograms and they were AWESOME.img_1527

One of my old clients (Casio G’zOne)!! Happy to see that they’re still going strong.img_1522

Our tour guides.img_1528

Following the tour, Jordan and I headed to a work happy hour and then dinner with our new media agency. Then we hit up the Twitter party.img_1529

Our sweet photo encouraged others to join us.img_1532img_1537

The next day we had five rep meetings and a luxurious dinner at Beauty and Essex. Let’s all just pretend that whatever’s happening with my face is normal here.img_0067

We called it an early night and were ready to head back to Dallas in the morning. I tried to take pics of the landscape because it was so pretty. Is it the Grand Canyon? Who knows. Peace out Nevada.img_1545img_1548

Celine: 3.10

Oh, Celine!


She’s still sneaking a toy in to school every day. It’s become a whole production where she tries to slip a toy in her backpack (sometimes even the night before), we find it and take it out, she tries to get in the car with a toy on her person, we take that away, she cries, she finds a toy in the car to take in, etc. Once she even slipped a full-size Ariel doll in her dress to get by Mike’s patdown.

We’ve adjusted how we parent her since she doesn’t respond to the same types of things as Louise. She likes pushing the envelope but crumbles when caught or confronted. We have to try to distract her while reprimanding her. Quite the feat 🙂

Winter break

The girls get three weeks off from school around Christmas, and the first week flies by with holiday activities and lots of family time. Then we have two extra weeks to fill.

We did a lot of exercising in the frigid weather with the Coco soundtrack on repeat…img_2081img_1497

…frequenting indoor play areas like Play Street Museum and SOAR!…img_1393img_1391img_1420img_1411

…not fully understanding the concept of Hide and Seek but enjoying it anyway…img_1494

…warming our backs by the fire…img_1490

…oh: and getting Strep throat.img_1395img_1398

The girls are back at school today and we’re all happy about it!

New Years Eve bags

The girls have been out of school since the 21st, and even though we still have another week before they go back to school (ugh), we’ve gotten close to exhausting all of our activity options – especially since it’s frigid outside (I’m sorry: 18 degrees??). The day before New Years Eve, I got an idea to make goody bags for a few of our friends and deliver them on NYE. It was a good activity for the girls to help with, and we ended up spending over six hours driving around the metroplex delivering them. I might make it a tradition, because it was really fun to have little catch-ups with our friends while the girls had mini play dates. It also gave us something to do during the day while Mike picked up our house and prepped for dinner, which was great!img_1462-2img_1465-2img_1470-2img_1472-2

Happy New Year!

Top 5 of 2017

5. The friendships we’ve made, grown, and maintained this year.



4. Louise starting kindergarten!img_9693-1

3. Getting a new sister-in-law…and another on the way!jessica-rusty-wedding-335mvimg_20171223_205149

2. Mike and my trip to BavariaIMG_7800

1. Our continued time spent with family, especially our summer vacations to Colorado and Montana.img_9582img_8760

Our 2018 kicks off with a bang – lots of work trips and vacations and a work promotion for me – so we’re excited to see where it takes us!

Holiday fun, part II

Every year, the girls get together for a fun buffet lunch at the Neiman Marcus restaurant downtown. It’s a good way to really kick off the season…and we always get a little face time with the big man.img_0028img_0026

The Friday following Mike’s holiday party was my holiday party. We had a lot of fun and I took only one photo.img_2058

Coworker shoutout! Brand team fo lyfe.img_1148

The next night we headed out to the Arboretum with my parents for the Twelve Days at Night. The Thurmans were planning on joining us, but the weather was terrible. It’s the second year in a row that the weather tried to keep us away. Hopefully next year the world will learn that you don’t keep the Haydel sisters away from large Christmas installations.img_1159img_1155img_1170img_1162img_1176img_1177img_1168img_1174

The Friday before Christmas was our planned evening for the North Pole Express. It rained all day but stopped by the time we arrived in Grapevine. It was super chilly though!

I bought cute Christmas robes for the girls to wear over their nightgowns, and neither of them were into it. I don’t know how Mike and I convinced them to put them on.img_1260img_1268img_1267

We had another fun time on the train. The girls both filled out the letter telling Santa the good things they did this year (Celine: “I didn’t pout. I didn’t cry. I didn’t pout.”) and what they wanted. img_1274img_1278img_1280img_1289img_1304img_1302

We skipped the show following the train ride and jumped right to the Santa visit, which was the right move.IMG_1307img_1404

The next night my parents graciously offered to watch the kiddos so us siblings could go out to dinner. Other than having a good time in each other’s company, it was a perfect night because my youngest brother got engaged!!!img_1315


It was quite a way to end the evening!