Sick dinner, quick dinner

Once again, the resident Haydel bossy-boots had to pull me out of my slump to cook dinner this week. Only this time, I had an excuse – I was sick. I’ve had a not-too-bad-but-rather-annoying cold for the past few days, and when I got home on Friday I just wanted to change into my snugglies, cuddle up with the kitten on the couch and drink the rest of the orange juice we had in the fridge. Nope, said, Mike, you’re cooking something.

He’d gotten all the ingredients for me to make pasta with vodka sauce – an easy, quick dish, especially since he had already made pasta sauce from scratch earlier that week. So I gave him a few more seconds of puppy eyes, and when he refused to budge I gave in. It really was an easy dish, especially since there was basically no prep work, which we all know takes me forever. The only thing I really had to do was chop the shallots and saute them in butter for a few minutes.

Then I poured in some heavy cream and Mike’s pasta sauce in there, along with a few shakes of red pepper flakes.

Mike grated some parmesan in there, and I mixed that all together (adding some vodka, of course!) and then left it on the stove to stay warm while I did the rest.

I threw the hot sausages in a pan with some water and covered them for ten minutes, turning once. I then took the cover off for another ten minutes or so to brown them.

After throwing the penne pasta in a pot to boil (the water took for.e.ver to boil), the sausages were ready to take off the stove, cut up and toss in the sauce. Right when we were ready to take them out, we noticed a weird reddish-brown pocket on one of them. “What do you think that is,” I said, “a fat pocket?” Mike shrugged and then speared it with his fork.

Yeah…turns out I was right, and the fat went everywhere…including in my orange juice. It was actually pretty funny.

So I cut the sausage and mixed it in with the sauce, drained the pasta, and threw it all back in the pasta pot.

Looks great, and it took less than an hour from start to finish. AND we had leftovers. That’s right, I said had…Mike had a late-night snack and all the pasta went bye-bye.

Kitten is pleased.


2 thoughts on “Sick dinner, quick dinner

  1. That sounds so good! Almost makes me hungry, but I just had a waffle with strawberries. I am glad you have a motivator to keep you going in the kitchen. 🙂

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