Live every week like it’s shrimp week

So I know I haven’t blogged in a while…let’s pretend that work and my social life have been crazy and I haven’t felt like cooking! Seriously, when you get home from work at 7:30, the motivation to spend an hour in the kitchen is minimal. Anyhoodles…I’m back!

I don’t think it’s a secret that I love shrimp. I love how it tastes, I love that it goes with almost any cuisine, I love that it takes 3 minutes to cook…I love it all. Last night I was coming home late and wanted two things: a quick and simple meal involving shrimp, and a reason to trot next door to the brand new Whole Foods to buy some goodies. My coworker Nikki gave me the perfect recipe – shrimp tacos with citrus cabbage slaw! SO easy, SO quick and SO delicious. You can find the recipe on her own blog, along with other fabulous recipes:

You know she’s legit because she’s from New Orleans. I’m just saying.

Anyway, so I didn’t even really get to take a lot of pictures because it took less than 45 minutes and the steps weren’t that complicated. But I made Mike peel the shrimp because I was busy drinking the fresh squeezed OJ I got from Whole Foods for the recipe.

Then you mix together the lime juice, orange juice, sour cream, cabbage (mine had bits of carrot in it as well), corn and jalapeno. Swish it all around and add some salt and pepper. That step took about 2 minutes. I probably would have put more heat in there besides the jalapeno but the citrus taste was nice.

And then you cook the shrimp…

…and, that’s it. Seriously. It’s ridiculous. I roasted some asparagus with olive oil, salt and pepper, dumped the remaining corn on the plate, and was good to go.

Easy, healthy, delicious dinner. What else could you want?

Kitten is pleased – except that the can of corn wasn’t tuna. He was a little miffed about that.


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