Easy peezy?

First, let’s all just move past the fact I said I’d post everything and I didn’t. Ok! Good stuff! Moving on!

So Mike always makes fun of me because it’s hard for me to tell when a dish is going to be difficult to make. This one is a perfect example of that. I was looking online for an easy chicken dish and found something. It’s been so long I can’t even remember what the recipe was, but it called for orange marmalade. I looked at the ingredients and the time it said it took to make and thought, ok, I can TOTALLY handle this. So I come home with the ingredients:

Mike asks what the oranges are for, so I show him the recipe. He rolls his eyes and says “only you would pick something where you have to make homemade marmalade.” Apparently marmalade is not easy.

I make Mike peel the little onions because I’m feeling devilish.

He complains the whole time that I should have just gotten regular-sized onions, but the recipe called for the babies and they typically taste a little sweeter. Plus, they’re extra fun to pop into your mouth all at once. While he’s doing that I attempt to make the marmalade. Attempt is a great word for this.

So I have to slice up three oranges, then throw them in the pot with the honey. Here’s where I make a rookie mistake. In our new apartment the dials for the stove temperature aren’t clearly labeled, so instead of putting it on low, I put it on super-high. In no time, the honey is boiling away. Definitely not how you make marmalade.

I go through the rest of the motions in denial, thinking it can be salvaged, but it stays pretty liquidy even after it cools and it’s pretty much useless. I taste a little with my chicken at the end just to see – it tasted ok, but man…it really needed that marmalade texture.

So I move to plan B and bust out Old Faithful – aka Tony Chachere’s. A little Tony’s, a little salt, a little pepper, some oil…and the chicken are cooked.

I go ahead and make the rest of the recipe as-is, so I wilt some romaine by cooking it with butter and garlic for a couple of minutes, then pull out the baby carrots and onions that were baking in the oven. All in all, it turned out to be a delicious and healthy dinner (nevermind the romaine drenched in butter), even without the marmalade.

Kitten is pleased. He’s also too cool for school.


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