Fish taco heaven

I love me some fish tacos. Fried, blackened, spicy, savory…mmmmmmm, I love them all! There’s a restaurant in Coppell called Anamia’s that makes some of the best fish tacos I’ve ever had – they blacken the fish and make it really spicy.

My mom’s birthday was April 3rd (I told you I’ve procrastinated on this), and Mike suggested cooking her and my dad dinner as our present. Originally we were going to do something from one of our cookbooks, which are almost all from New Orleans and involve meat, rice, etc. I thought about it and knew my mom liked fish, so I decided instead to cook fish tacos. I looked high and low for the Anamia’s recipe but couldn’t find it. Then, I found a recipe on that had me frying the fish. It looked delicious and I knew I had to do it. It was pretty advanced for me but I had faith (and a pretty good sous chef ready to jump in if I started making mistakes). You can find the recipe here (it’s Guy Fieri):

First, I made some guacamole to tide over my parents while they waited for the fish tacos. This involved dicing a lot of tomatoes…and you know my feelings on prep work.

I combined everything and gave them a bag of chips. Now on to the real thing.

The first step was making the pico de gallo that would go in the fish tacos – it had to be first so it could refrigerate for an hour. This involved more dicing of tomatoes. I also mixed in some red onions, garlic, cilantro and jalapeno and gave it a toss with some lime juice.

There was also a cilantro-lime aioli that was freaking delicious – it really added some pizzazz to the fish tacos, in my opinion. It was originally a tequila-lime aioli but we made this on a Sunday so we couldn’t buy any tequila. I mixed the lime juice, sour cream, and milk, and added cilantro, garlic and cumin. Yummmmm.

Now for the fish. I used cod but the recipe said any firm white fish would do fine. I cut up the fish into fairly bite-sized pieces and mixed them with the lime juice and seasoning (lime juice, cumin, salt and pepper). The fish was ready to fry!

Mike and I had to take a trip to two different grocery stores to get the ingredients for the fry. The recipe called for tempura batter and Panko bread crumbs, neither of which we could find at Albertson’s and had to go to Whole Foods to get. It makes the fried part of the fish a bit lighter, which is always good.

I made the tempura batter with cold water and set it up next to the flour and bread crumbs while Mike got the oil to the right temperature. We had a little assembly line since the fish would have to be dredged in flour, then the batter, then the bread crumbs before ultimately making it in the pot. I would prep the fish and drop them in the pot, and Mike would monitor their frying and pull them out once they were done. It was a productive little process and the frying part was actually the quickest and most fun part!

Batter up!

Sizzling away.

Then that was it! I pulled the pico de gallo from the fridge and put everything on the table to assemble. There was also cabbage to add to the tacos for a bit of crunch, to which I added a little red onion. Also, we used flour tortillas instead of corn since that’s our preference.

Delicious, delicious fish tacos. I want to make them again now that I’ve finished the post.

Kitten is pleased! Although, not in this picture – he was being scolded and did NOT like it. Harumfph.


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