Things have been really busy at work. Not in the the “oh crap I actually have something to fill my hours now” way, but the “oh crap, I’ve just put in a 12 hour day and my to-do list isn’t even halfway crossed off” way. My new schedule is good for many things – making it nearly impossible to work out regularly, helping my stress level skyrocket so that I feel like I’m having a heart attack, drastically altering my mood at work so I pretty much snap at everyone, and – you guessed it – eliminating the possibility of having time to cook.

Feel sorry for me yet?

In actuality it’s not as soul-sucking as I make it out to seem, and Mike (who is on summer break) is doing a freaking fantastic job of picking up the slack at home. He cooks almost every night…and then he cleans up the kitchen and does laundry and feeds the cat. I knew I married him for a reason.

All that to say that I’m sorry for the sabbatical. Things are taking a turn for the better at work (giving me someone to help with my accounts…what?) so I have a feeling I’ll be better about posting shortly. The good thing is I have a killer post that I’ve procrastinated on for…oh…three months, so there’s something to enjoy in the meantime! I’ll post that sucker right now.


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