Fry that s***!!!

Guess what Mike and I just bought…

a deep fryer!!!

It’s pretty kickass. Mike’s been talking about getting one for years (seriously, years…you know we’ve been together for 8 years right?), and we finally scuttled over to Sur La Table and snatched one. Here was my first thought: “OMG MIKE WE CAN MAKE FRIED PICKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!” He asked me what else we could make and I thought and thought…seriously, the only thing that came to me was fried pickles. I freaking love them.

So we did!!!

I put together the ingredients for frying the pickles.

Let’s do the thing.

The first round of pickles weren’t coated well so they didn’t fry as nicely, but the second set were gorgeous.

We did some onions too for funsies.

Yay fried food! What a perfect post to follow the “cleanse” post.


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