Quick bench update

I’ve been wanting a bench for the foot of our bed for a while, partly because it just looks better that way and partly so Mike and I have a place to sit to put on shoes and clothes. When Mike was in New Orleans visiting his family, his mom gave him a bench that she didn’t want anymore.

Definitely the wrong wood color and the upholstery wasn’t fantastic either, especially with the stain on the top:

But with my newfound DIY knowledge I knew I could fix it up for cheap, and quickly.

During lunch one day at work I popped by Best Fabrics to pick up new upholstery fabric. I was going for something that had turquoise in it since I wanted to match our nightstand knobs, and I also wanted whites/tans in the fabric as well. I came back with a pretty paisley print (all animals adore alliteration) in the colors I was seeking. I grabbed some primer and the staple gun from my parents, popped by Home Depot for a small can of white paint and extra staples, and got to work.

First, I primed the reddish-pink base.

Then, although I didn’t take any pictures, I reupholstered the top of the bench. The foam and batting were still in great condition, so all I really needed to do was take off the old fabric and throw mine on top. At first I thought I’d be able to just pull the staples out and take off the old fabric, but those staples proved to be pretty much immovable. So as a consolation, I cut around all of the staples, flipped the plywood over so that the stapled side was under the foam, and stapled my new fabric on top. I pulled the long sides really taut but should have pulled the short sides a little tighter. Oh well.

Then, I painted one coat of white paint on the primed base and put the upholstered top back on. Viola, a new bench!

Although neither Mike or I particularly love painted white furniture, this went well with the room since our bed linens are entirely white. We also like it white because the bench is a little shorter than we would have liked, so it blends in a lot better. And as an added bonus, Nietzsche likes to jump on it and meow, so it’s a win-win for everyone in the Haydel household.

Here’s a quick peek at what it looks like in the room – I realize the photo quality is terrible; I’ll give an overall bedroom update soon!

Oh, and don’t worry – even though my focus has shifted this year, I’m still cooking!

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