Yarn letter project

We just put up shelves in the nursery over the weekend, and I was perusing Pinterest to try to find ideas for what to put on them. They’re pretty shallow and not very long, so I was struggling – not to mention that it’s in a baby’s room, so things like candles and stuff are kind of irrelevant.

I came across a yarn letter DIY that I thought could work, so I dropped by Michael’s at lunch to pick up the materials. Apparently Lou’s initials are the most popular because I had a tough time finding any L’s or H’s. I settled on a skinny H and some lavender yarn and wrapped it while watching The King’s Speech (again). I even added a couple of felt flowers that took about 2 minutes each to create (another Pinterest find…where was Pinterest when I was getting married?!?). Quick and easy project.


I stuck it on the top shelf and admired my work. I even made Mike come in to approve.


I’m still waffling on keeping that maternity photo in a black frame. It’s what we had lying around but it doesn’t really go with the rest of the room, so we’ll see. I might be too lazy to change it.

And, this is a good sneak peek into the nursery – although I’ve been trying not to get too theme-y with the room, it’s definitely focused on elephants. We’ll see how far that goes!


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