New Orleans baby shower

That’s right, I had not one, but TWO baby showers. Louise better know how lucky she is.

The New Orleans shower was hosted by five amazing women (two of Mike’s aunts and three of Mrs. Haydel’s good friends) on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. It was mostly women around Mrs. Haydel’s age, with a few cousins and sister-in-laws thrown in for good measure. My mom was also able to attend because she and my dad were in town for a wedding, so it worked out perfectly.

I think it goes without saying, but New Orleans people know how to throw a party!


Another obvious statement is that the food was AMAZING.


There were about 25 people who came, and it was so nice to catch up with all of the Louisiana crew, many who I haven’t seen since Mike and my wedding. Many of the women were already grandmothers so they had some good pieces of advice, along with really helpful gifts. I got a lot of beautiful dresses and clothes for Louise – I was so excited about them that the first thing I did when I got back to Dallas was buy additional child’s hangers to put them up! Most things were pink, but I did manage to sneak in something blue to my registry.


Don’t worry, it had an elephant on it.

Although I’m clearly getting to the puffy stage of the pregnancy and am not as excited about picture-taking, here are a few pics of me with some of the ladies:




…and the future grandmothers! Not too long now!


Luckily Mike drove down, so we (barely) fit all of our loot in the Tahoe and he took the trip back to Dallas while I luxuriously flew the one hour, fifteen minute flight back. What a good husband.


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