Banana whiskey

When we were in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago, we noticed a recipe in a newspaper for banana-infused Jameson. I don’t know if you know this about Mike, but he loves bananas. A lot. Bananas and caramel might be his two favorite things in the universe. See proof:

He knew we were going to have to try it since to him, bananas + whiskey = heaven. It was pretty easy – buy a bottle of Jameson, cut up three bananas and put them in the Jameson, wait 48 hours, enjoy. I had to buy the booze since Richardson doesn’t sell liquor (which made me super anxious, walking into a liquor store to buy Jameson while eight months pregnant), and then Mike and I went to get a mason jar. Ready to roll.

Step one: Pour Jameson into mason jar.

Step two: Cut up bananas and put into mason jar.

Step two-point-five: Notice that the bananas were going to overflow the jar. Siphon out some Jameson and give yourself a few test shots to accurately determine what the Jameson tasted like before adding bananas.

Step three: Add the rest of the bananas, screw the top on and let sit for two days.

Step four: Enjoy while watching the two-hour Mad Men season premiere. Force wife’s brother and brother’s girlfriend to try some.


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