March randoms

Some random pics I took this month.

A flattering sight at the New Orleans baby shower:

The joint gift that Darlene, Nat and I put together for Nikki and Tyler’s couples shower. I finally got to reuse the beautiful ivory silk ribbon from my wedding that’s been sitting in my craft file cabinet for the past two and a half years. Darlene even painted the chalk stripe in the middle of the tub!

Someone really liked dad’s Converse shoes, so much so that he fell asleep with his head in one.

Nietzsche, quit sticking out your tongue at me.

A really pixilated photo of the baby’s closet. Seeing as I (along with both grandmothers and Dominique) keep compulsively buying clothes for her, it’s already doubled in size and shows no signs of stopping. I’m trying to temper all of that pink with other colors.

The Istanbul watercolor that we finally got framed and hung! Once we finish the apartment (Mike is getting close to being done with the bookcases he and my dad are building for the office), I’ll give more context around where this is with a tour.


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