Back in December at Nat’s sprinkle shower, Trinh made these delicious popovers. I was telling Mike about it and also mentioned that the restaurant La Duni has a BLTA (the A stands for avocado) on a popover that I love. His response? “I don’t know what a popover is.”

This is a first – I know what a food item is and Mike doesn’t?? I knew I had to make popovers so he could experience them.

I checked a few recipes to make sure it wasn’t too difficult, and we dropped by Williams Sonoma to get the popover tin on our way back from brunch. I got everything ready and blended it together in the food processor.


That was…pretty much it. I poured the batter evenly and threw it in the oven.


…and 40 minutes later, that was it!


I think they were just barely overcooked – I’d probably pull them out 2-3 minutes sooner next time – but they were delicious, and definitely gave Mike the chance to taste something new. I put butter and jelly on mine and gobbled.


I see many potential quick and easy breakfasts, both sweet and savory, in my near future…


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