The Final Countdown


We’re in the home stretch here, folks. There is a very real possibility that this little (ok, ok…gigantic) girl could come this week, so we tried to live it up as much as we could. On Friday we did…nothing. Which was fantastic. Saturday we went to Nikki and Tyler’s wedding, which was so fun!


The girls got in on the photobooth action too.


This one is my favorite.


Sunday we popped by my parent’s house so Mike could finish up the bookcases, and then Errin came by and we had breakfast for dinner. Mike and I were thinking about what to make and decided on chicken and waffles. I borrowed my mom’s waffle maker (we’ve got to get one of our own someday), and Mike ran to Babe’s to pick up the fried chicken. It turned out pretty well – I even made popovers again for appetizers, complete with strawberry butter!

It was great to see so many of my friends right before this baby comes. It was especially nice to catch up with Errin – even though we live in the same city, sometimes it ends up being a month or so between visits, so we always have a lot to talk about. She brought over a present for me too, which makes me even more excited for when Louise gets here:


How cute is that!!!

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