Pregnancy wrap-up

As my first pregnancy is wrapping up, I wanted to highlight some of the stats, highs, and lows from the past 9-10 months.

When did I find out I was pregnant? Exactly 4 weeks along. I was tracking pretty obsessively so I knew the moment a pregnancy test could show it. I had taken a test on Saturday, August 27, and it came back negative. Mike and I had my brothers over for the evening and although I (thought I) knew it was ok to drink, for some reason it just didn’t feel the same when I had a glass of wine. Now I know why!!

That next Wednesday was my friend Michele’s birthday dinner. I had started to get my hopes up again and decided to take another test, which came back positive (barely). Mike was teaching so I had to get through the entire dinner with friends before coming home and telling him the good news. Then we had to get through the weekend with Mike’s sister and cousin in town for the LSU-Oregon game. What a tough weekend to find out I couldn’t drink!

Total weight gain/loss: Definitely over the recommended 25-35 pounds, but my doctor said I did a great job and was not concerned with the final number. We’ll see how it goes getting the weight off…
Exercise: I exercised consistently throughout the first trimester, intermittently throughout the second, and not in the third. I’m a runner and had to stop because my calves would seize up, so I tried changing to elliptical but it just never stuck.
Emotions: Up until about 35-36 weeks, I was peachy. Even the first trimester wasn’t so bad – no nausea, just fatigue. I did have a random meltdown at the end of the Hunger Games books, which was weird. But man, these last few weeks have made me a grumpy gus!
Stretch marks: A few clear ones (? not clear, but not reddish purple…not sure how to put that) around my belly button. I’m interested to see what happens to them when my belly button goes back in.
Food cravings: I never really had any – I wasn’t particularly enamored with chicken on the bone, and my sweet tooth kicked it up a notch, but beyond that things were pretty regular.
Sleep: I’ve never really had major sleeping issues, other than the frequent bathroom breaks this trimester. I have a feeling that sleeping is going to get much tougher very shortly.
Swelling: My engagement ring made it through the entire pregnancy, which I was pretty impressed with, and I didn’t see much swelling in the upper part of my body (face, arms, hands). My feet and ankles started swelling at about 34 weeks, but nothing major, although I noticed that they’re too puffy for real shoes. I tried to put on heels for Nikki’s wedding at 38 weeks and Mike just laughed at me.
Random body activities: I got some major acid reflux/heartburn starting at about 30 weeks, which was a tough adjustment since I’ve never had it before. My tummy issues that have plagued me throughout my life pretty much went away, though, so I guess it was a tradeoff. My belly button took its sweet time making it’s way out, and now it’s basically just flat. I’m definitely “all baby” at this point (a fact that every stranger feels compelled to remind me!).
Clothes: I wore regular clothes until about 18-19 weeks, and then made some subtle changes into maternity wear (like jeans and long tank tops). By about 26-27 weeks, I had to wear mostly maternity, with a few exceptions. By 34 weeks I was almost exclusively in maternity wear. There are a lot of great inexpensive options, but I honestly could not have lived without Old Navy tank tops, Gap dresses and skinny jeans, and the one $70 maternity T-shirt from A Pea in the Pod that seemed overpriced until I wore it almost every week. I also discovered that accessorizing is a pregnant woman’s best friend! Scarves, necklaces, bracelets…I made the most out of it.
Nesting: Oh boy, yes. I am a planner by nature anyway, and the baby just threw me into overdrive. I’ve had the hospital bag packed for over a month! BUT – I didn’t have the type of nesting that causes people to clean baseboards with a toothbrush. It was more along the lines of making sure everything was washed and put away, and everything was set up and tested so we knew how to use it, etc. I even finished making the invitations for Mike’s 30th birthday party that’s over a month away. I am trying to get everything that might have to get done in the next month done now.
Best moment:  All of the firsts – first sonogram (and seeing Mike’s face when we heard the heartbeat), first time I felt her kick, and when I found out it was a girl. I started crying in Nordstrom when I was picking out the pink onesie to surprise Mike!
Worst moment:  All of the boneheaded pregnancy moments, most notably letting a strange man into my car to drive him to the gas station. Definitely not my sharpest moment. Also, the month I gained 12 pounds and was interrogated by the backup doctor. I sat in my car and cried for about 25 minutes…and then went back two weeks later and had lost a pound. Moral of that story: baby weight gain is not consistent.
Gender prediction: Everyone was telling me I was carrying low and therefore it was a boy. Mike and I really got it into our heads that it was a boy…and then at 17 weeks, we found out it was a girl! We were both surprised, but very happy. My sister-in-law Dominique was especially happy about the sex.
Baby size prediction: The final sonogram last week had her weighing anywhere from 9lbs 7oz to 9lbs 12 oz. My official guess for baby size is barely under 10 pounds…we’ll find out tomorrow!

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