My day with Lou

Status report: it hasn’t been so bad. The first day was very tough – I could barely kick myself out of our apartment – but once I got to work, I was happy. Here’s a breakdown of my time with her:

Miss Diva Princess snoozes, usually until about 6am. Unless she was up every hour between 11pm and 4am, in which case she sleeps until 8am.


I go to her when she wakes up. She’s usually in a fantastic mood.



We stretch. A lot.


I play with her and feed her, and then wake Mike up so I can finish getting ready and he can eat some breakfast before I leave, which is around 7:45. Mike either shuttles her off to my parent’s house for the day (MWF) or watches her (TTh).


I leave work at the stroke of 5:30 and book it home. She’s usually in a pretty grumpy mood.


We do our best to keep her entertained, and then at 8pm we bathe her.


She gets lotioned up and swaddled, then we feed her and do our bedtime dance (meaning we walk her around the apartment until she goes to sleep). Then we are at the mercy of the baby monitor until it starts again!

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