It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

For a few weeks there, Lou would go to sleep and only wake up once at night. It was blissful. And then, all of a sudden, she changed her mind. Starting last week, she’s started taking a lot longer to get down, and then wakes up pretty much every three hours – sometimes every two – demanding to be fed, and changed, and rocked, and cuddled. Mike and I are up between 1-4am almost every night, and then sometimes Lou wakes up at 5am and decides she’s ready to start the day. It hasn’t been very fun – last night I tearfully woke Mike up at 2:30am after over an hour of trying to get Lou back down, asking if he can take over because I was about to have a breakdown.

And yet – she wakes up in the morning and gives us really cute, really big smiles, and tries to talk to us, and is this adorable human being. Last night when Mike was bathing her, he was commenting on how much she was smiling at him in the bath, and then all of a sudden he yells at me “she just laughed! She laughed at me!” I scurried in the bathroom and sure enough – every time Mike laughed, she’d giggle right back. It was the first time she’s done that and it was so cute our faces almost melted off.

How can one person be so infuriating and so perfectly adorable at the same time?


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