Weekend Update, with Mike, Shannon and Lou

So after the terrible Thursday night with minimal sleeping and maximum breakdowns (me and baby), we decided to take action. We went to Half Price Books on Friday and bought a book called Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. It gave us a lot of great information, but basically we learned that we were putting her to bed too late, so she was getting extra fussy, which in turn caused her to wake up a lot at night. We shifted her bedtime to 6:30, and although it’s only been two nights, things have been going a lot better. She only wakes up once to feed and then goes right back to bed. It’s been such an improvement!

We also learned how to tell when she was getting tired before she started crying, which helps not only with bedtime but also with naps. Things like, droopy eyes…


Sucking on her hands…


yawning, a dazed demeanor, etc. We stick her in her crib, and she usually cries for a bit, but then puts herself to sleep.

The last thing we decided was to use the “graduated extinction” method when putting her down. Instead of holding her, we put her in her crib and let her cry for five minutes before picking her up and soothing her, and then putting her back in her crib. Then we wait ten minutes, then fifteen, and so on. It’s worked really well – we haven’t had to go past the fifteen minute wait before she calms herself and goes to sleep. A far cry from when we were holding her and waiting for her to get into a deep sleep, and then trying to transfer her to her crib.

It’s really put a lot of confidence in me to feel like we’re in control. I hope it continues!


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