Lou’s week with Deedee

Mike’s mom (who decided on her grandmother name – Deedee) came in town for the week to help watch the baby so Mike could focus on his dissertation. Dominique also came in for a few days for work, but spent a lot of time hanging out with Lou as well. She just got engaged over the weekend so it was great to see her right after such a fun event!

Deedee kept me updated with pictures, and I can’t stop looking at them. I think this is when Lou is getting really cute because she’s filling out and she’s interacting more – grabbing stuff, smiling way more, etc.


We thought we were just about done with our swing now that she does all of her sleeping in her crib, but Deedee put her in there, played the classical music option, and put on the thing that goes over Lou’s legs that has toys to play with. Apparently she loves it! Good to know we’ll get some more use out of it!


She’s conspiring with her grandmother. I wonder what they’ve got up their sleeve.


This could be the cutest picture of all time. It makes my heart ache when I stare at it while I’m at work, because it makes me want to run home and cuddle her to the max.


She’s a fantastic dinner supervisor.


Look who decided to act FRAUNCH. Mike was singing the French alphabet to her so it was only appropriate to break out the beret. P.S. That beret is part of an outfit that is 18-month size…so she has a big head. Typical.

Mrs. Haydel has been so helpful, not only with baby-watching, but buying groceries and cooking healthy dinners, buying new toys for Lou, etc. It’s been fantastic having her here fore the week – if only both sets of grandparents lived in the same town, we’d be set!

We’re going to New Orleans in a couple of weeks, so the Haydel family will be able to see her again when she’s around four months. I’m loving all of the time they’re spending with her in these early months. Now if only my sister and sister-in-law could see her monthly as well…


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