Labor Day in New Orleans

Mike and I planned to take Lou to New Orleans for Labor Day…and then Isaac hit. We were unsure if we still wanted to go since his parents’ house did not have power, but Dominique’s place did, so we decided to go. We’re glad we did!

I was particularly nervous about Lou’s first plane ride, but she did an amazing job. She likes to interact with people so the time we spent in the airport was great. She even flirted with people on the plane – including her dad.

Then, we fed her during takeoff and she snoozed for the remainder of the flight. It was fantastic.

Of course, her Haydel family was excited to have her in town.

They helped her learn how to turn over.

We didn’t get to have the official “sip’n’see” because of the hurricane, but most of Mrs. Haydel’s friends still got to meet her. Mike and I managed to sneak in a few minutes with her. =)

We took her to get beignets the day we left…I mean, she’s got to get acquainted with New Orleans food.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip. I can’t wait for us to go back for Christmas!

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