Lou’s four month checkup

We took Louise to her four-month doctor’s appointment today. It was just a regular checkup with some vaccinations (one oral and two shots). She was super hungry when we got there, so I fed her really quickly before the doctor came in.


She was pretty happy after eating. We looked at ourselves in the mirror for a bit (she thinks she’s super cute), and then the nurse came in to do her measurements. She measured her head, then her length, then her weight…then her length again. She said she couldn’t believe she was actually 27 inches so she just had to measure again. Sure enough…27 inches. Her height and weight (16 pounds, 6 ounces) are both off the charts – meaning above the 97th percentile – and her head circumference is in the 92nd percentile. Translation: our baby is big!!


The doctor came in and we had a regular appointment. He was pleased that we are putting her to bed in her crib and letting her fall asleep by herself, and we asked a couple of questions about sleeping on her stomach (as soon as she can turn over by herself) and eating solids (pretty much whenever we want to start, definitely by six months).

We put her clothes back on and waited for the shots to come. She hung out with dad for a while. Her legs in the first photo slay me. It’s her way of balancing. =)



Then the shots came. She was surprised and shrieked, but when we picked her up to console her she was pretty much over it. She stopped crying and calmed down. She went to bed about thirty minutes early and woke up around 10pm with a slight fever (she had a fever last time too), but for the most part she was amazing post-shots!

Official four-month photo to come shortly!


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