Stomach sleeping

So, you’re not supposed to put your baby to bed on her stomach – putting her to bed on her back reduces the risk of SIDS. Lou has always had a preference to sleep on her stomach but we’ve always swaddled her up and put her on her back to sleep. Books vary on when you can flip her over, but our pediatrician told us once she can flip over on her own, she can sleep on her stomach. It was like she was listening to him, because the night after he told us that, she did this every time we put her on her back:

We laughed, then we panicked. Should we take her out of the swaddle and put her on her stomach? Should we try to keep her on her back in the swaddle? Should we let her sleep on her stomach AND in the swaddle?

Ultimately, we decided to put her on her stomach, unswaddled, for her naps, and swaddled at night. She seems to still like the swaddle, but also being on her stomach.


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