Working mom update

It’s been two months since I’ve gone back to work, and I promised I’d give an update. Here are the pros and cons:


  • I get to talk to adults every day about a topic I’m pretty passionate about.
  • I am on a schedule, and things are fairly similar day-to-day.
  • I feel so comfortable leaving Lou in the care of my mom or Mike. I didn’t think I was going to get anxious about day care, but that really stresses me out now. I feel like she needs to be at least 8-12 months before I’ll be comfortable with that option.
  • I can run errands at lunch without a fussing baby in the back seat.


  • Lou’s bedtime is 6pm – any time after that and she gets overtired and sleeps very sporadically. We’ve tried slowly inching that bedtime up, hoping she’d sleep longer on the back end, but she’s stubborn (shocker, knowing her parents). That means I have to leave work the SECOND the clock strikes 5:30 or else I won’t see her before she goes to bed. If there’s a wreck on my way home then I definitely don’t see her.
  • She usually wakes up around 7am so I get a few minutes with her in the morning, but sometimes she just snoozes through and I have to leave without saying good morning (like this morning). I try to subtly wake her up with light, quiet sounds, etc. – but she usually doesn’t respond (did I mention she’s stubborn?). Even Nietzsche helped this morning by reaching through the crib slats and tapping her booty, to no avail.

So basically the main negative is that I don’t really get to see my baby during the week. I know that will change as her bedtime slowly shifts a little later, but it breaks my heart. I’m usually pretty beat-down by Friday (Mike says I get “edgy”) and all I want to do is cuddle her. But then, with a weekend of baby, I’m re-energized for the week. It’s been less than five months so I am optimistic that things will only get better.

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