Christmas photos

Louise was the star of a lot of photos last weekend. I snapped her five-month picture, we went to a pumpkin patch to take a few photos, and she had her first professional photography session. That one was the most…interesting.

I follow a few photographers on Facebook so I can take advantage of any special deals or mini-sessions they may have. A photographer posted a status late last week asking for models to wear one of her partner’s Christmas petticoats, tutus, etc. For $100 I’d get five images of Lou. Although the photographer was in Ft Worth and tutus with big bows on the head aren’t really my style, I thought it would be a good intro into getting Lou’s picture taken at a low price, so I signed up.

Overall, I’d say the experience was lukewarm. I think we were the last subject so the photographer seemed a bit frazzled, and she didn’t really make any effort to introduce herself or talk to me at all, really. We showed up – we were tossed the first outfit – and away we went. Lou was pretty bewildered and didn’t really smile through the whole thing, although she didn’t cry either. Fifteen minutes and three outfits later, we were done. The photographer quickly mentioned something about emailing me the link to the pictures (I actually have no idea what she said, I had to ask my mom) and then started cleaning up. I awkwardly said “thanks, bye” and we left.
One week later I received an email with five photos to download (no note or anything in the email, just the photos). I didn’t really think about this before the shoot, but I assumed she’d send me a link to view photos and I’d be able to pick five I liked. I didn’t realize she made the final call. I was a little bummed about that, mainly because there was one pose I was excited to see if it worked out (me holding her hands and standing behind her).

Based on the photographer’s demeanor and my general feelings leaving the session, I am fairly certain I won’t be using her again. It seemed strange to me that she wasn’t trying just a little bit harder to engage with me, considering I walked in with a five month old (translation: a baby who has a LOT of photo sessions in her future) and shyly mentioned it was our first photo session ever. I understand that she had a lot on her plate that day, but a little more warmth would have gone a long way.

In any case, I got what I paid for – five photos of Lou. Four of them are Christmas-themed and I might incorporate them somehow into our Christmas cards or something, but here’s the other one:

This was the first look so she was extra bewildered. She’s not smiling but she’s still a cutie!


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