TX/OU weekend

Alternate title: The Weekend In Which Mike and Shannon Realize They are Officially Old.

About a week before the big Texas/Oklahoma football game, Mike and I got the opportunity to go to the State Fair and go to the game. We were ecstatic – we hadn’t been since college and we were ripe for some old-school fun. It also gave us an opportunity to try out a babysitter for the first time (used by Nat and thoroughly vetted). Saturday morning rolled around and we were ready to go. Lou was in her Texas best.

We were debating on going to a pre-party (yes, when the game is at 11am you pre-party at 7:30am), but our babysitter arrived around 7:45 and we chatted with her for a bit, so we decided to just take the DART straight in to the fair. It was very convenient since the Galatyn Station is immediately behind our apartment complex.

We got to the fair around 10am and immediately looked to find the hospitality tent where we were going to meet our friends and have a few pre-game beverages. Unfortunately we never met up with anyone, but it’s probably for the best. We hung out at the tent for a bit, ate, drank, took a photo, and checked the score before we went inside the stadium.

Uh…Texas was losing. Like, majorly.

We ended up watching most of the game in the hospitality tent and then making our way back to the DART so we could get home before the babysitter had to leave.

Once we got home, we realized that we had been just a wee bit overserved and that perhaps we were not cut out for a full day of drinking and fair-going. Plus, coming home and taking care of a baby really puts things in perspective when you’ve been surrounded by rowdy college kids.

We’re old, we’re proud, we’re not quite used to it…but we’re getting there.


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