What a week

It’s been a pretty crazy week for the Haydel household!

Mike went to College Station on Sunday to work on his dissertation. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem, but my parents went to NYC Thurs-Tues, so our regular day care was not available either. Knowing it was going to be tough to manage work and the baby, Mike’s mom was planning to come in town and help out while he was gone. However, she got sick last-minute and couldn’t come.

So, we hired a babysitter for Monday, had my grandmother look after Lou on Tuesday, and then Mike and my parents would have been back Wednesday and we would get back on track. WELL…


Our regular babysitter couldn’t come over until 12:30, so she had her sister come for a bit to fill the gap. Turns out Louise cried dramatically every time she looked at her, was held by her, etc. I just couldn’t leave Lou with a woman I had never met before and who Lou clearly did not like. So I waited for our babysitter.


Pretty uneventful, although it took me a solid two hours to drop Lou off at my parent’s house for my grandmother and get to work. Not fun.


I was excited about Wednesday since my parents were looking after Lou, and Mike would be home that evening. I had a client in the office so I was busy all day, and then my mom dropped off the baby around 6:30 and I bathed her and put her to bed. Mike left College Station around 5:30 and was close to home.

Then, my car (which he was driving) died just outside of the city. Womp womp.

Taylor was kind enough to go get him and bring him home since I couldn’t leave with the baby. We had the car towed to the repair shop this morning (they think it’s the alternator).

Hopefully this crazy week is over and we can get back to normal!

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