Carlie and Paul’s couples shower

We had such a good time throwing this shower – we decided on a tailgate theme which ended up being so fun!

We wanted to invitations to pack a punch, so we incorporated a koozie. We received a lot of positive comments about them!

The game was centered around the Ohio State-Penn State game (Carlie graduated from OSU), so people were very punctual. We were ready with food and a whiskey bar!

The beers matched the red-and-white decor.

Of course Paul and Carlie had to have classy tailgate glasses =)

Everyone was having a good time mingling, watching the game and playing games.

We meant to open presents at halftime but it slipped away from us. So they opened presents in the fourth quarter. I need to work on my sitting posture.

We took a few photos in front of the balloon wall!

Look who’s getting more and more pregnant!! Can’t wait for her baby shower in a couple of weeks!

All in all, it was a fantastic shower. The food was so delicious thanks to Erin and Errin, the desserts were appropriately themed and also tasty thanks to Adrienne, and everyone (especially the older gentlemen) loved the whiskey bar. We brought out the bourbon slushes later in the night (they tend to kick things into high gear) and they were a hit as well. Once the game was over, some of the “kids” (aka people our age) stuck around for a bit, chatting and playing games. Mike and I made sure we were the last to leave so Errin could relax and be pregnant. =)


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