Louise’s first Halloween

I had trouble figuring out what Louise was going to be for her first Halloween. I am a huge proponent of making costumes (versus the costumes-in-a-bag), but it’s especially hard to do that with an infant. I also really like couple/family costumes, so I thought of things all three of us could do. I ultimately decided that Lou was going to be Tinkerbell, I would be Peter Pan, and Mike would be Captain Hook (something he agreed to all the way up until he actually had to put on the outfit. Then he got a little grumpy).

I tried making her onesie but it was an epic failure, so I found a green onesie at TJ Maxx. I made the tutu which ended up being pretty gigantic, but the onesie had a little fluff on it as well so she could do without the tutu for the most part. She loved her socks – specifically, trying to pull off the pompoms.

We took her to my dad’s work on Friday where they had trick-or-treating, face painting, a bounce house, etc. We mostly just walked around and showed her off. The little boys who were also there were all superheroes, and their costumes had built-in muscles. It was so cute. One little boy even flexed, pretending those muscles were his own. It was just so adorable…it makes me hope Haydel baby #2 (not yet in existence) is a boy!

Lou also had a Halloween dress she sported for a pumpkin carving party. I had a headband that matched so I popped that on for an impromptu photo session.


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