Six month checkup

Louise had her six month doctor’s appointment yesterday. It was a regular appointment, including shots. When Mike picked me up at the office with her in tow, he told me she was very “smiley.” Sure enough, when we got out and walked into the doctor’s office, she was wiggling around and squealing with happiness. We don’t know what got into her but it was adorable!

We were ushered right in to the room and got measured.

Weight: 18lbs, 2ox (90th percentile)

Height: 28.5in (>97th percentile)

Head: 44.5cm (95th percentile)

Basically, Louise is suuuuuper tall and skinny.

Then we waited around for the doctor. She kept herself busy – she discovered that the paper on the table was crinkly, and after shrieking in happiness, proceeded to destroy the entire strip by crushing it in her hand, crinkling it with her feet, and stuffing it in her mouth.

The pediatrician came in and examined her…she’s perfect again, he said. He was happy we had already developed a sleep schedule and started feeding her solids, and was also happy to see her sitting up already. Having a big baby, man…it helps.

Then she got her shots. She screamed more at this appointment than any other, but as soon as Mike picked her up she pretty much calmed down. She tried to ramp it back up as we were checking out but there were too many kids and babies around and it was just too interesting to look at. I think she forgot that she got the shots.

Still so happy and grateful that we have a healthy, happy child.


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