Errin’s baby shower

Erin, Carlie, Errin’s sister Andrea and I had a great time yesterday throwing Errin a baby shower for her and Ethan. We decided on an airplane/flying theme which was appropriate since that’s Ethan’s room theme as well!

So while Louise spent some time with her Haydel grandparents…

…we spent the morning decorating and cooking. Erin and Carlie made most of the food.

We decided to make “in-flight” meals and put them in individual boxes. Erin made two sandwiches: a BLT with sun-dried tomato aioli, and chicken salad.

Mrs. Tapp brought the cake and cupcakes and I made the airplane cookies. I learned that it is not easy to bake airplane cookies…they like to break!

The cake Mrs. Tapp brought was amazing!! The little plane on the top was so adorable.

For decor, we focused on balloons, pomanders, and of course fun baby things! My mom helped me applique some onesies, and we found the CUTEST crocheted aviator hat on Etsy. The goggles are removable!

I ordered “Ethan” straws online, but when they came in they were so much bigger than I anticipated. They are almost a foot long! So we stuck them in the flower arrangements Andrea made.

We thought a balloon wall behind the gifts would be a cute touch. We got the idea from Pinterest, of course.

I spent the better part of two weekday evenings making the “Ethan” letters. I was pleased with the turnout.

We spent a lot of time opening presents because Errin had so many! It was great. Little Ethan is going to have so many fantastic clothes!

We were so happy we could throw her a fun shower…if only more people would have eaten the cookies and cupcakes (now they’re hanging out at my house, tempting me)!


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