Cold weather week

Things finally cooled down here this week with morning temperatures in the high 30’s/low 40’s. I was itching to get Louise in some of her cozy clothes, especially since my mom bought her two cashmere hats! (I don’t think my mom has ever bought me cashmere hats, btw. Louise is a lucky girl).


The first of the cashmere hats – purple with rosettes. Love. Luckily I had pants that matched!


Just chillin’ out in my North Face and jeggings. No big deal.

Whoa…is that my hand?

FOCUS. Put that hand in your mouth and keep cute-ing it up.


Time to get classy in a shawl sweater jacket and some navy leggings.


Being sick requires bright clothing to counteract the bad feelings. Don’t pay any attention to the sick mom with dirty hair in the background.

A cashmere hat with two pompoms doesn’t hurt, either.


Obviously casual Friday means a bear on the booty.

And morning smooches from Dad.


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