Anyone who knows Mike and me knows that Nietzsche is a very important part of our lives. We got him the first week after we moved to San Francisco together (making him seven years old now) and is our first and only fur baby.

In fact, when I started this blog, he was the judge of whether or not my meal was satisfactory (“Kitten is pleased.”)

This past Friday, we were hanging out at home and playing with Louise when we noticed that his tail was limp and he was kind of lethargic. At first we thought he was scared of the animal sounds on Louise’s toy, but then he walked into the room, meowed loudly 5-6 times and flopped on the floor. Alarmed, we run our hands over him to see if he reacts to anything, but he doesn’t. We debate what to do for about an hour and then decide to take him in to the emergency vet. They take a look at him and say they think he’s fine, but they won’t know for sure unless they do blood work and X-rays. We decide against it and take him home.

Saturday morning he’s still acting the same, except now he won’t drink water and is shaking, presumably from pain. I was at a book signing but Mike was worried enough to take him back to the vet, this time for blood work and X-rays. They still couldn’t find anything – no organ failure, nothing lodged in his stomach, no constipation, no broken or fractured bones…nothing. The doctor says he might have injured himself and is just trying to recover. We take our blood work results and X-rays and head home, again.

On Sunday we notice he’s in even more pain and can’t really walk for long before he flops over and meows mournfully. We had some pain pills for him the doctor gave us so we pop one in (which he was NOT pleased with, they apparently taste awful). He’s been moping around and hiding all day.

We really just don’t know what our next steps are. We’re going to see if he’s still in visible pain tomorrow, and if so take him to the regular vet to see what he says.

I hope we can figure it out. We are not ready to say goodbye to our favorite kitten.


One thought on “Nietzsche

  1. Poor Nietzsche!!! It’s so horrible when your little fur babies are hurt – especially when you don’t know what happened! Thinking of y’all and hope he gets better soon!!!

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