Andy Tantinarawat’s Third birthday

For Andy’s third birthday party, Nat reserved a gym place. It was so fun – I kind of wish my birthday parties could be there! There were trampolines, a foam pit, a bunch of gymnastic-related stuff…and of course delicious birthday food and decor (the theme was Mickey Mouse).

Here she is, scoping out the joint. We let her survey the scene for about ten minutes before jumping in (she likes looking at people, especially children). Her half smile cracks me up…it’s like, here’s all you’re going to get, mom.

My mom and I made her onesie – I wanted to make sure she was properly dressed for the party!

Louise Andy's birthday half smile

Then she and dad took a dip in the foam pit. She looks scared but she’s just looking up to me. She didn’t really understand the foam pit.

Louise Andy's birthday foam pit

Hanging with mom. Apparently Mike wasn’t the best photographer.

Louise Andy's birthday and me

While the grownup boys jumped on the trampolines, we practiced our pushups. She’s getting better! I’m nervous for when she discovers that she can crawl.

Louise Andy's birthday pushups

I didn’t take a ton of pics but I’m looking forward to the ones Nat and Michele took!


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