Fausak Christmas

After returning from New Orleans, the entire Fausak crew got together for a delayed Christmas in Dallas. Liz and Katie came in from New York, Rusty and Jessica came in from Austin, and it was a full house!

My cousin Lacy came by with her husband and baby girl, Ada. Gigi tried to get a picture with two of her great-grandchildren but Ada wasn’t super into it.



Louise just sort of stared at her, and then actually pushed her away when they were sitting next to each other and Ada was crying. It was kind of funny, actually.

Friday morning was Fausak Christmas! Louise got the most presents (of course), including books, toys, and clothes. Grandma and Grandpa got Louise something special.




Her very first cowboy hat! It was adorable.

The aftermath gave Hampton a place to bunker down.


The good thing about all of the people in town is that Louise had a lot of people who were eager to feed, bathe, and even change her. Mike and I welcomed the help!


She even two-stepped with her grandpa.


Christmas night, everyone else came over for dinner. My dad’s brothers and their families came over and it was kind of a madhouse. Louise was a spectator.


We had our gift exchange that we do every year. Rusty stole the Buzz Lightyear fleece poncho (“flonchito”) that I unwrapped. I was a little bummed and had to settle for L’Occitane goodies.


Then a war broke out. I am not kidding. There were six people involved and many, many Nerf bullets flying around. I was caught in the crossfire a few times (I just kept shrieking “I’m a neutral party! I’m a journalist!” Nobody seemed to care).


The next day, we stopped by in our new clothes. Dad and daughter wanted to match.


The siblings got our parents a professional photo shoot for Christmas, which worked out well because my mom kept telling us that we needed a family photo taken before everyone left. I also decided that I wanted to get my makeup done for it, so I hired a makeup artist to make the girls nice and pretty. She came over to my parents house and was fabulous. If anyone is looking for some makeup application I highly recommend Roxanna Liu!

We drove out to McKinney and braved the coooooold weather to take some photos. We made sure Louise stayed warm.


After the photos, we went out on the town (we got a babysitter for Louise). First stop was Bowl & Barrel. It was so fun – it’s like a regular restaurant that just happens to have some bowling lanes, so the food and drinks are really good. We played two games.

IMG_2787 IMG_2788 IMG_2793

The rest of the family went country dancing afterward, but Mike and I were exhausted so we just went home.

The next day the girls had our traditional post-Christmas shopping trip while Mike made some stock for his crab and shrimp gumbo. We got back and headed over to my parents house so Mike could finish the gumbo.


Louise spent some time discovering water.


It was a great ending to some nice Fausak time. I really missed my sister and Katie – it had been around six months since we saw them – and it was good to have everyone together. We were a little exhausted since we’ve been goinggoinggoing since the 22nd, but after Carlie’s New Year’s party we are just going to be blobs on the couch. What a vacation!


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