Louise holiday photos, take 2

Since the photos my siblings and I gave my parents for Christmas were super quick, the photographer offered to have another mini-session to get some of Louise. We’re not ones to turn down free photos, so we scooted over to downtown Carrollton this past weekend and took them. It was much warmer this time around and Louise was in a good mood for most of it – although she let us know when she was done.

She’s recently learned how to clap her hands (“patty cake”) and it makes her smile when we ask her to do it. So obviously that’s the first thing Mike and I say when we start the photos. Two grownups shrieking “PATTY CAKE, LOUISE! PATTY CAKE!” while another grownup is lying on the ground snapping photos.

Louise 9mo photos 4 Louise 9mo photos 5

My favorite. She’s into sticking out her tongue lately. I love how I’m holding her hand and Mike is crushing hers.

Louise 9mo photos 1

She’s been sticking her thumb in her mouth lately – not really to suck, but to bite since she now has four teeth. We kept pushing her hand down and she would bring it back up. Here she is in action.

Louise 9mo photos 2

Someone loves her dad. =) I love her paw in the second photo.

Louise 9mo photos 3


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