Working mom update, part II

The last update I gave was one month into going back to work, and Louise was four months old. A lot has changed since then – I’m now six months back and Louise is almost nine months old (eek!), so I thought I’d give another update.

Louise eating puffs

Overall, I’m really happy with my decision to keep working. I’ve heard working moms say that they’re better parents because they work and I can totally relate. When I’m home in the morning and evening, I am fully engaged with Louise. I know my time with her during the week is precious and I do my best to give her 100%. On the weekends, Mike and I are master co-parents – meaning, we do some stuff as a family (grocery store trips, photo sessions, going for walks), and we trade off the other stuff (feeding, diaper changing, putting her down for naps, playtime). That way we each get some down time but we’re not completely taking turns.

Louise grinning

For me personally, working provides a good balance. It helps my well-being to get a break each day and interact with adults on an intellectual level. There are some days that I am jealous of stay-at-home moms because they don’t have to rush off every day, but I think that’s natural. I’m sure there are times SAHM’s are jealous that working moms can run errands and eat lunch on their own. It’s a give and take.

Louise with fur vest

I think priorities and schedules will change when additional children come into play, but as of today I anticipate that I’ll always be a working mom. Although making blanket statements like that always have a way of coming back and biting you, don’t they? 😉


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