Viruses and milestones

It was an eventful weekend in the Haydel household. Louise got the “Ferrari” virus from my mom, and then it swept through Mike and I over the weekend. So there was at least one sick person in our house from Thursday through Sunday. We had to cancel our trip to New Orleans for Dominique and Ross’ engagement party. It was such a bummer but I’m glad we could lay low and recover.

But in good news, Louise is charging ahead in the milestone department! We’ve been egging her on to pull up, and this weekend she really started doing it. Mike even walked in after one of her naps and there she was, standing in her crib. Good thing we already lowered the mattress!

Louise standing in crib

(This picture is actually from Monday morning…she wasn’t happy that she couldn’t get out of the crib herself!)

She also is starting to cruise – meaning, move along on her feet. She isn’t completely comfortable with it yet but just seeing her start to move her feet is exciting. I wonder when she will start walking!


I’ve also been trying to get her to crawl. We can tell she is getting frustrated not being able to get where she wants to go, so we’ve slowly been getting her to practice. She’s juuuuust starting to understand it. I predict she’ll be crawling in the next two weeks.


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