Nine months

Well well well…what an eventful month!


She really advanced this month. Pulling up, and now this new crawling thing…it’s been so fun! I think she’s interacting with us more as well. She responds when we call her name and she’s definitely started favoring us – she leans in and cuddles when we’re in public. It’s such a good feeling.

She also grew two more teeth – her top two. I peeped two more top teeth coming in the other day too, so she’s on her way to having a mouthful!

She’s continuing to discover and practice all of her sounds. She just found out that she can “growl” and it’s hilarious. She does it when she’s excited and we call her our little devil baby. She “growled” when the nurse was measuring her today and it was hilarious.

She was measured today and she’s getting taller and skinnier. I can’t believe we’re out of the >97th percentile in all categories…we started out so big!

Weight: 20lbs (75th percentile)
Height: 29.25in (95th percentile)
Head circumference: 45.5cm (90th percentile)

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