Mardi Gras crawfish boil

A few weeks ago, Mike and I decided we wanted to have a crawfish boil. We bought a pot a couple of years ago and haven’t used it all that much, and I thought it would be good way to spend the weekend before Mardi Gras. Miraculously, all of my friends were able to make it (we have pretty packed schedules these days), and Mike’s parents decided to come in town as well. My parents were kind enough to host it since Mike and I still live in an apartment. It was a full house! My dad was sick with the flu though, so he was unable to participate and had to be quarantined in his room.

There were adults and kids everywhere!

Crawfish_everyone outside

Lindsey and I decided to wear the exact same outfit (including identical boots). Kevin tried but the Rainbows aren’t exactly Fryes.


Mike and I bought Louise a couple of Mardi Gras shirts while we were in New Orleans over Christmas, so we busted one out for the party. Michele brought a king cake to go along with the baby!

Crawfish_Mike and Louise 2

Crawfish_Mike and Louise 1

After a couple of hours, the first batch was ready.

Crawfish_in pot

…and everyone was ready to eat!!

Crawfish_on table

Louise’s first crawfish. I just wanted her to hold it, and then she (of course) put it in her mouth. Oops.

Crawfish_Louise touching

Crawfish_Louise eating

We got so lucky with the weather, and it seemed like everyone – kids included – had a great time. Going potluck was a great idea because people brought some delicious dips, sides, and desserts – not to mention Katie’s jambalaya.


Love these girls!! Can’t wait for Napa in a few short weeks!


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