Weekend with Grammy and Grumps

Mike’s parents decided to come in this past weekend since we weren’t able to go to New Orleans for Dominique’s engagement party. I would say Louise had a good time with her Grammy and Grumpaw!

We had a bunch of babysitters during the crawfish boil. I think it was a win-win situation.

Louise with grammy

We forgot her bib during one breakfast so we improvised with a napkin. Mike and I couldn’t stop giggling. She didn’t mind because she was busy gobbling grits and scrambled eggs.

IMG_0303 IMG_0304

It took her a little bit of time to warm up to them, but she really was into it by the end. I would notice little things – Grumps would get in the car next to her and she’d see him and start grinning, or she’d snuggle into their chests. I’m glad we’ve had the opportunity to spend time with both sets of grandparents so she really gets to know them!


Louise is going to miss them! She can’t wait to go to New Orleans with Mike when I’m in Napa for Lindsey’s bachelorette.

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