One of the things I’ve been overly attentive to is what traditions to start now that Mike and I have a family. I want our children to be able to say, “I’ve had this since birth” or “we’ve done this forever.” I don’t know why, but it’s important to me.

Over Christmas I decided I wanted to buy Louise an ornament every year, so when she is an adult she has a bunch of ornaments that have sentimental value. Originally I was thinking of giving her crystal ornaments, but my mom and Mike knocked some sense into me by questioning a) the sentimentality of a regular crystal ornament and b) the practicality of a super heavy ornament on a tree. So I had pink felt baby booties embroidered to say “Louise’s 1st Christmas” and “2012.”

Now, I’m starting to think about birthdays. What can I do that can carry through all of her childhood/teen years? I’ve already decided on:

  • Creating a photo book for each year. I make photo books for each year for myself, but I know things can get dicey when you have multiple kids and they all want it. I figure making individual books for each kid, each year, is a good way to ensure they have their own keepsakes.
  • Birthday dinner tradition (Mike’s family still does this), where the birthday boy or girl gets to pick where they go for dinner that evening. Obviously this year it won’t really work but I like this tradition.

Beyond that, I googled it and some other ideas were:

  • A charm bracelet. I could either buy one or use mine (since I don’t wear it), and buy her a charm or two every year to add to the bracelet.
  • Take a picture of her in my wedding dress every year (if we have a boy, he could wear Mike’s wedding tie)
  • Video blog of her with her and us talking about her favorite things that year and funny/sweet memories
  • Give back – go do something charitable, donate one of your old toys for each new one you receive, etc.

We’ll see what ends up happening!


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