Ten months old

She just keeps getting older!DSC_4956

We can barely contain her these days. Her mobility continues to increase, and with it, her curiosity! She crawls after the cat, checks out the contents of the trash can, helps move objects from point A to point B, is the official Haydel cabinet inspector…she’s a mover and a shaker. My parents bought her a toy that she can hold on to and walk, and she is loving it. I predict a walker in the next month, definitely by her birthday.

Her BIRTHDAY. Holy cats, it’s coming up!!

She also is getting heavy into separation anxiety. She knows who she knows and wants to be around them always. My parents babysat her overnight this past weekend while Mike and I were busy with Carlie’s wedding festivities, and boy was she MAD at us when we saw her on Sunday! She wouldn’t let us hold her, feed her, or do anything with her. It broke my heart (I may have choked back tears), but in about 30 minutes we were back in her good graces. I guess she showed me!

Finally, I want to document a couple of things she does right now because they’re so cute and I don’t want to forget. First, when she is crawling around and has something she wants to bring with her, she has trouble crawling with it in her hands so she typically puts it in her mouth. It’s hysterical – but hey, it works! She also has started making Indian war whoop sounds by bringing the back of her hand to her mouth and waving her fingers. If you do it, she’ll respond – even if she’s crawling or playing. Finally, I’m teaching her how to give kisses. “Louise: will you give me kisses?” If she’s in an obliging mood (it’s about 50/50), she’ll turn to you with her mouth agape and tongue sticking out. We’ll have to work on her technique but the sentiment is adorable.

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