Bath time blues

We’ve had some interesting bath experiences with Louise this week!

First, we had our first…scatological…episode. It wasn’t a full on “big potty” but there was definitely something there. I freaked and yelled for Mike, asking what to do. We ended up pulling a soaped-up Louise out of her bath tub and plopping her (no pun intended) into ours. This was awesome for her because she could interact with the faucet (hers is covered by a foam whale). First she tried to drink the water.


Then she thought, “I’ve been standing up outside of the bath, so standing up IN the bath is equally as important and necessary!” So she did.


She used both hands to play with the water so she wasn’t really holding on to anything, and she ended up face planting in the water. This was traumatizing and resulted in crying and pouting until she passed out.

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