Can’t Say No

One of the blogs I follow posed an interesting question: What are the movies you can’t say no to watching, even if you’ve seen them a thousand times before, own them, or they are close to being over anyway? I tried to narrow this down to ten, but it was just impossible. Mike and I were chatting and he mentioned Old School and I realized it had to be on my list!

  1. Clueless – I actually DVR this movie in each apartment we live in, just so I can watch it when the mood strikes. Mike always embarks in a full scale campaign to delete it, but somehow it manages to stay on the list.
  2. The Fifth Element
  3. The Big Lebowski
  4. The First Wives Club
  5. How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  6. Pirates of the Caribbean (the first one)
  7. Romancing the Stone
  8. Good Will Hunting
  9. Old School
  10. Love Actually
  11. Wayne’s World
  12. Goodfellas
  13. Ace Ventura

I’m sure I’m missing some.



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