Louise vs the Virus

I think this is the longest Louise has ever been sick. She started throwing up on Tuesday while my mom was watching her and hasn’t stopped since. We took her to the doctor on Friday and he confirmed it was a stomach virus, and that it would take 5-9 days to get out of her system. The throwing up has decreased but she still throws up once after we put her to bed. Friday night was tough…she threw up around 9:30pm so we changed her sheets, gave her another quick bath, and snuggled for a few minutes to calm her down before putting her back down.

Louise sick with dad

She was doing ok on Saturday, so we dropped her off at my parents for the night so we could go to Lindsey and Colin’s wedding (so fun!). She threw up around 7pm and didn’t sleep well all night. We really felt for my parents…it’s like she was two months old again with the short bursts of sleeping and taking shifts watching her.

Sunday was also rough. She took a nap around 2pm, but woke up the crankiest I’ve ever seen her – and stayed that way for over two hours. The only thing that calmed her was standing up and rocking her in our arms. Anything else and she was in full-scale meltdown mode.

We finally calmed her down and made a family decision that if you’re sick for more than six days, you get toys. So we took her to Target.

Louise at Target

I think she liked the outing more than the toys. Nietzsche was very apprehensive about the toy cat we bought.

She threw up last night in bed, but seemed pretty happy this morning when we got her. Hopefully it was the last one and we can move on from this stupid virus! Well…she can move on. Our nanny and I both caught it, so that’s been a fun development.


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