Eleven months


she’s so cute.


She was sick for a lot of this month. It was a stomach virus that had her throwing up for nine days. She was not happy about it but she was such a trouper. Now we think she’s teething again, but for the most part she’s in a great mood.

She’s started taking steps (she even side-stepped from our kitchen counter to the kitchen table once), but she’s not super pumped about it. She knows she can get where she’s going quickly by crawling, so that’s still her preferred method of transportation.

She’s big into bracelets, as you can see from the picture. I think it’s adorable and have encouraged this obsession.

She’s starting to babble more, and it sounds like it has purpose. Like she’s trying to tell us something. So we oblige her with “uh huh”s and “oh really?”s. She’s also figured out the sign language sign for “milk” and does it all the time. I think she thinks it just means she wants something.

I pretty much only put her in shirts and pants, or onesies and pants, since she is crawling so much. If she’s in a tunic or dress she can’t really crawl and then she gets upset, so we try to avoid that altogether.

I can.not.believe she will be a year old in a month. (I decided to have a birthday party, btw). I look back on infant pictures and miss that little munchkin, but I love her so much now and it’s so fun to interact with her and have two-way conversations.


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