Two stroller family

We are now officially a two (and a half) stroller family! No, that does not mean we’re pregnant.

When I was pregnant, I tried really hard to find the one-size-fits-all stroller. I learned quickly that a stroller like that doesn’t exist, so I got the one I like the most, which was a Baby Jogger City Select. The bonus with this one is that you can tote two kids, so I thought it was a good investment.


I also was told that you couldn’t jog with a baby until around six months. I always knew I’d eventually need a jogging stroller but I assumed I’d wait until she was old enough.

Well…the closer we got to when she could be with me in the stroller, the less excited I was about getting one. I wasn’t super pumped about spending another $500ish dollars on a stroller. Luckily my friend Michele let me borrow her Bob jogging stroller to test – she was using a double after the birth of her second son. I definitely liked the stroller and decided I’d check Craigslist to see if I could find one. I checked off and on for a few months, but when Michele needed her stroller back I knew I had to get serious with the search. The first one I found was sold by the time I emailed, but today I saw a posting from last night at 10pm and it was still available! I scooted over to Lake Highlands to pick it up.


I got it for half price and it’s in great condition, so I’m really happy. Now we have this and the City Select, along with an umbrella stroller my friend Nat let us borrow indefinitely (hence the .5). I think this is all we’ll need until baby #2 comes around, when I expect we’ll have to get at least one more stroller.

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