Fun shoes

I did a little audit of my shoe situation over the weekend and realized that I buy pretty basic shoes. Lots of nude, black, and gold. I have a couple fun pairs but I decided I should really try buying a few sassy pairs of shoes to jazz up my outfit, since I tend to go basic (although I call it “classic”) with my clothing style as well. Here are some I’m currently loving:


Zara multicolored lace-up sandal ($129): These are so fun and I expect they’re easier than they look to match with outfits. I saw them a few days ago and they weren’t available yet, and now of course my size is sold out. They’re a little tall for my taste but I think I’ll get them if my size opens up again.


B Brian Atwood cutout suede sandal, purple ($425): These are amazing. These would be perfect with 90% of my wardrobe. However, these would make me 6’3 1/2″.


Schutz Arieli lace-up booties ($220): Again, slightly tall, but really fun. I realize they’re black but they’re definitely not basic pumps. They only have my size left which I think is a sign?


Jimmy Choo Deeta snake-print sandal ($850): So…yeah, a little out of my price range. But one of the best snake-print sandals I’ve seen – I think they can look cheap really easily. These are also the most reasonable height at 3.5″.


JCrew Etta calf-hair pumps ($350): Also super fun, and I’ve found that animal prints go with a lot of my wardrobe. But $350 is pretty steep.


Coach “Coco” sandal ($138): I’ve been eyeing these flats for about a month now because I need nude sandals that don’t have any gold in them. They’re not super crazy – definitely more in my “classic nude or black” wheelhouse – but still cute and a little different.


Hunter “Highcliffe” sandal ($75): And just for fun, jelly sandals with an H on them. Holla!

Let’s be honest though. What I really need are new running shoes, so that’s where any shoe budget is going. Although I could get crazy with those…



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