Weekend festivities

This weekend was fairly busy but definitely fun. We didn’t do anything Friday except take Louise on a walk with a couple of road beers – otherwise known as my favorite kind of Friday evening.


Saturday we spent some quality time with her, then left her at home while we drove out to the country for my uncle’s 50th birthday party. It was at a gorgeous ranch home – if I could find that layout in the city for a reasonable price I’d snatch it up in a heartbeat. Unfortunately it would probably be over $2mm – $3mm in the city soooo…I guess not.


Sunday we spent some time at my parent’s house, then drove out to Westlake for our bluebonnet pics. We learned that evening pictures aren’t as productive as morning, and there was a lot of bribing Louise with yogurt bites and tosses in the air. She did learn how to drive though.



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