Dominique & Ross’ couples shower

Mike, Louise and I flew to New Orleans over the weekend to celebrate Dominique and Ross. I was glad it worked out since I haven’t been able to be around much for their wedding festivities – we all got sick right before their engagement party and couldn’t make it, and I went to Napa for Lindsey’s bachelorette while Mike took Louise down for their Houma shower.

In any case, it was such a fun time! We brought Louise to the shower because everyone demanded she be there, but I always think of that line in Sweet Home Alabama where Reese Witherspoon sees her old friend and says, “You have a baby! …in a bar!” Oh well, it’s New Orleans. =)

I know a few of Dom’s friends read my blog so here’s a little shout-out to you girls. They were all so friendly to me, especially before Mike and Louise arrived. I looked frazzled of course – my new signature look.

IMG_4355 DSC_5352


IMG_4285  IMG_4302

Louise was a hit. She was a little overwhelmed right when we brought her in but she warmed up quickly. Especially when we offered her petit fours.


She gave Aunt Dom some secret smooches.


Of course, we had bracelets.


All of Dom’s married friends who had baby fever kept sneaking up and trying to carry her off. She was ok with this as long as Mike or I weren’t in her line of vision.


Before we left, Grumps took her over to see the balloons. She loved them.


IT was such a fun shower and Whitney was a fantastic party planner. It cannot be easy to wrangle 18 hosts!!


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